Monday, 13 August 2012

Voce Magazine September 2012

It's August which means we're heading for season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and toasted marshmallows and cosy knits and vampy lips -- what better way than to celebrate with a delicious crop of September issues?

First up, Voce, one of the Big Three Japanese monthly beauty glossies, along with the more no-makeup-makeup-obsessed Maquia and my personal (geekier) favourite, Biteki. For September, these three go all out with supplements listing the new collections along with shade names, prices, release dates, details of limited-editionness -- i.e. all the basic things I feel like a knob asking sales assistants about (especially when they have no clue....) -- as well as an array of 'new' looks with the products employing some nuanced little tweaks to make pretty, wearable makeup (which these three mags rarely deviate from -- look elsewhere for your editorial/streetstyle fixes) look fresh again.

Let's start with some tasty new product pics:
jelly polishes and split pan kohl liners from Addiction
cream eyeshadow bases (pencils) and loose pigments from THREE
Paul&Joe powder blush duos

Some more complete overviews from the new collections booklet (this included Euro/American brands as well, so I'm picking and choosing from the Asia-exclusive ones):
Addiction Desert Rose collection
Shiseido Maquillage
Sonia Rykiel Daisy Duck collection
Cosme Decorte AQ MW
THREE Fantastic Voyage collection

N.B. labels: 限定 = limited edition // 本記 Px = this product has been used for a look on page x of this issue.

Some of the looks in question:
Cle de Peau showcase
Suqqu showcase
I'm not usually a heavy-neutrals fan but I do like this end-of-summer burnt blush and black-rimmed eyes spin.... 
...using a THREE gloss, Addiction blush trio as well as new neutrals by Chanel and Dior.
much more to my taste: I love the discrete placement of pigment here... a look devised by makeup artist Nakano Akemi using Ladurée, Paul&Joe, Chanel etc.
These last two looks don't just showcase the models but also the makeup artist responsible and feature their commentary on the overall inspiration/impression, choice of products and possible substitutes from other brands.

This is the kind of attention to detail which made me toss all past and subsequent English beauty rags into the bin circa 2006. There are shots of the makeup from different angles, not just one artistically underlit über-flattering 6/7th profile! There are actual words! There are realistic product breakdowns rather than totally random sponsored featured items!
Let's exclaim over a tutorial, one from a series of three on current trends: 'Mode', as opposed to 'Feminine' (flirty flicked liner / soft pink lips / high ponytail) or 'Sexy' (slightly dropped and elongated eye / berry red lips and cheeks / tumbling waves).
Closeup of eye with key points highlighted: khaki tonal gradation on the lid, echoed horizontally on the lower lashline, black rimming the waterline to tighten the gradation, mascara on the outer lower lashes to subtly drop the eye balanced with high-shimmer shading. Also note the split liner flicks, opening up the eye to offset the strong waterlining.
yet another angle showing how the lid-gradation catches the light // other possible products

And a twelve-step program (!) on the perfect translucent/dewy base, again with the makeup artist's little pop-up pointers:

To be fair, I am cherry-picking the best bits; there be plenty of photoshopped-to-hell ads, vapid diet plans and boring fitness/hair/celeb stuff to wade through too. But somehow less annoying when not in one's native language, as in this How Not To Be Jowly article:

In London, you can find Japanese magazines in Japan Centre on Regent's Street or JP Books on nearby Denman St; Both shops also offer subscriptions by post/collection with a discount.


  1. Awww... time to get my Moxie ( an agent!

    I've begun to buy Japanese magazines again after a looooong hiatus, and I am half-seriously thinking of taking Japanese lessons just to read them, though their pictures are frequently self-explanatory. I do wonder though--why wouldn't this format work in Western markets? Judging from the positive response to beauty blogs and videos, I'd think there would be an audience for detail-oriented beauty articles.

  2. Thanks for the tip on where to find Japanese magazines in London! I keep meaning to check out Mitsukoshi, will do so in September on my next trip across the channel.

  3. Ah, September. My least favorite month of the year in this climate. Other people are gearing up for hot chocolate and marshmallows, while we're still routinely hitting 90 degrees (32C). The rest of the year I can either be philosophical (I moved here knowing what I was in for) or smug (no snow, no road salt, no cracked skin from the cold), but early fall is hard.

    I think the interesting thing about this magazine is its completely different idea of the target demographic. US magazines tend to assume that if you're old enough to afford luxury makeup, you already know what to do with it. I dimly remember more detailed tutorials in the magazines I read in high school, but never in "grown up" magazines.

  4. This is all soooooooooo tempting & it's certainly time for me to learn to read Japanese!I'm not always enamoured by their girly marketing but they certainly have some great products. The SUQQU marketing, on the other hand, has a direct link to my credit card:))

  5. These are really great! thanks for the post!

  6. Thanks for this post! Gonna run to my favourite Jap book store to grab these mags!:-)

  7. lol @ "how not to be jowly" article! I love asian beauty magazines, the looks are to die for. I especially love the unusual blush placement in the Aya shoot! Wish i could understand japanese though!!! xx

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  9. Nice to see we sub to the same zine :D

    by the way, I already played with the Addiction and THREE collections, and they're GORGEOUS!!!!

    Also, I picked up all the limited edition items from Suqqu's Autumn collection, but I'm kinda having buyers remorse on the eyeshadow quad...sigh!

  10. I am heading to Hong Kong this Autumn, do you know where I can find Addiction?

  11. Drivel, this is a great post! Love the photos, ideas and comments. Since I don't read Japanese, I appreciate your interpretations of the latest in your blog.

    So Lonely in Gorgeous, thanks for the heads up on Suqqu, been eyeing the eyeshadow palettes but am wary of the cream shadow mixed in.

  12. There is no Addiction counter in Hong Kong. However, you can find some other brands like RMK, Cle de Peau, Jill Stuart, Kose Cosme Decorte AQMW, Shiseido Maquillage, IPSA, Kanebo Lunasol, Sofina etc

    1. Thanks. No wonder, I have been to HK many times and haven't seen Addiction.

  13. Next time I'm at the Japanese supermarket, I definitely need to go to the bookstore and see if they have these three mags. :D Too bad I can't read a lick of Japanese >.> Excuse to start learning? ... mebbe.

  14. I just went to Japan and got a lot of goodies!!! Of course, some latest Japanese make-up....:-)
    Glad that I play catch-up this season. Thanks for sharing VOCE. This is my monthly read as well.