Friday, 14 September 2012

Addiction Yellow Submarine

It was pretty difficult to single out a favourite item from the magical box of Japanese goodies the beautiful Liz recently helped me get my paws on. But Addiction Eye Lacquer WP in Yellow Submarine (¥2625) might just be it....

(Hey, how often do I let the look do most of the talking?)

Base Mehron Celebre Professional HD Foundation LT-1 [bit too light; will revisit in winter], Burberry Sheer Touch 01 under eyes, Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea Of Tranquility to highlight. Browlash EX Natural Brown pencil in brows.
Cheeks Addiction Amazing powder, taken up temples, subsequently eaten up by camera. *kicks camera*
Lips Guerlain Rouge Automatique Champs Élysées
Eyes Addiction Yellow Submarine, GOSH white kohl, Fasio Ultra Curl Lock Volume mascara

Many Anglophone bloggers have reviewed the Addiction Lacquers by now (links below) so I'll just drivel that they are indeed bombproof and very cool-feeling but they do set extremely fast so it's best to go in with a clear idea of what shape and opacity you want, work one eye at a time, and do not try to layer more lacquer over itself to avoid patchiness or 'bald spots'. If you need precision and neatness, especially a perfectly even application across the entire lid right into the lashline, these probably aren't for you:
See, kinda patchy in close-up, and especially gnarly around my eyelid folds. Not that it's at all visible when my eyes are open -- hoods have their advantages....

The finish of Yellow Submarine (and I believe Aventure) differs from the other seven shades in this range.
Taken from the Addiction site, these aren't bad for official swatches and show the textural difference between Yellow Submarine /Aventure and the other shades
While my other Addiction Eye Lacquer, Swimming Pool, is very similar to the darker/more pigmented sides of the Paul&Joe Eye Gloss Duos  [Addiction and Paule&Joe are both under the Kosé umbrella], Yellow Submarine is more properly, well, a lacquer: an oddly rubberized finish that looks satin-matte in low light and gleams smoothly indoors, it's only in close-up and at certain angles that you can catch the sparse ultra-fine microshimmer (mostly blue and green) scattered throughout.

And while we're on it (disgruntled letter-to-the-editor time), those Paul&Joe 'Glosses' aren't glossy any more than most of these Addiction 'Lacquers' are lacquered; they're both like sparkly gels that, once set, feel like mattes -- if you haven't tried them the closest analogues I know are film-forming lipsticks like the Rouge D'Armani or Lancôme Rouge In Love, or MAC Face&Body foundation. While at certain angles and under certain lighting in studio photography, glitter may translate as 'glossy', in the real world they look like sparkles, dammit, Cullenesque sparkles. And you know what looks like an eye gloss? An actual eye gloss like Rouge Bunny Rouge Angel's Play.

Therefore, while Yellow Submarine is more of a lacquer than its sisters, and has barely any visible shimmer, it still is not a gloss. Okay? Yes, I know I am crazy. Just agree with me about this so I can stop breathing irefully into this paper bag.
Above, Yellow Submarine, blended out, Bottom: RBR Angel's Play
The only shot out of twenty in which any sparkle in YS showed up. Direct sunlight. 

Textural rant out of the way, here's a colour comparison to demonstrate just how well-balanced Yellow Submarine is tonally, and also how obnoxiously bright, especially in the full swatch :D
yellow eyeshadow swatches Addiction Yellow Submarine eye gloss, Suqqu 12 Usukiiro, Shu Uemura M Yellow 300, Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Catrice John Lemo
Suqqu single eyeshadow 12 Usukiiro and Shu Uemura M Yellow 300 [second-gen], are pastel powders, both discontinued.
Sugarpill Buttercupcake is a warmer turmeric.
Catrice John Lemon is closest to the blended swatch of Yellow Submarine, but a little paler and warmer, lacking the unabashedly artificial cool green tinge YS owes to its blue and green microshimmer.

I don't know of any shade close to the opaque swatch of Yellow Submarine, and I've been hunting for years. Thanks again to darling Liz for making my very old makeup dream come true.

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and finally Sakura Lovely has swatches of all nine shades together, and a different take on Yellow Submarine (it looks gold on her!)


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    1. *hair flip, captures stray wasp, shrieks 'n' flails*

  2. I've still got my Shu yellow eyeliner from a few seasons ago to cover my yellow eyeshadow needs, but this looks awesome. Excellent look!

    1. what makes it for me is the combo of tone and texture <3

  3. I don't know if this works on looks like you're recovering from a black eye, if I may be so blunt.

  4. Yellow suits you, very fresh looking, xoxo.

    1. Thank you! It's one of the colours I gravitate to in clothes and accessories, so why not makeup too ;)

  5. It just isn't normal, how you make everything look flipping GOOD. You actually have me lemming yellow e/s which I can honestly say has never happened before.

    But most of all, I want that lipstick! I looked at other swatches though and it looks the best on you IMO, so now I'm unsure.


    1. Maybe a nice grellow or chartreuse, o green queen? ;)

      Luckily most lipsticks look on me like they do in Karla's swatches (which are my faves)

      As these are jellies I think they vary a bit more than some more opaque formulas. You MUST try!

  6. Man, if I was still in my bright shadows phase, I'd be all up on this!

  7. Bravo Kate! All that's missing are some fashion lashes :D

    I'm glad you love your goodies :))

    By the way, I may need your services again :P

  8. oh my, *swoon*, that looks awesome on you

    1. ps I love the base too, looks absolutely flawless

  9. I love the idea of eye gloss, but I never buy them because I fear they may make mascara disintegrate into a smudgy mess.

    How do you find the RBR gloss? Does it make any other eye makeup that it's worn with smudge or crease? Does it last? My apologies if you've already reviewed this and have answered these questions!

  10. You look DIVINE! I've long wanted Yellow Submarine and the fact that I already have the blush and lippie that you are wearing here make it so much harder to resist!!

  11. May I know why you rock all shades??? I'm sure a shade like this one will make me look more olive :s

    Champs Elysees look wonderful... now that I'm getting points for each Guerlain purchase, I think I must expand my RA's tiny collection -all of that, before getting Orgeuil of course.

  12. Too bad this texture didn't work out for you, I have none of those problems, even layered, it won't go on patchy. That's what I like about those, they are lacquers and not eye glosses (and I have to say, by now I am not a huge fan of eye glosses, if it is not for an editorial). I have to say, I adore the contrast of your yellow eye and bold Champs Elysees lip, your pale skin makes it even more Vogue-esque. How do you like the Mehron so far (beside the colour match)? I mix it a bit with a bronzer (not a 'real' bronzer but a cream one, like caudalie, nuxe, etc) when I happen to be darker. The yellow colour is just outstanding, tbh, never saw such a pretty yellow. I want to see Aventure on you ;) You rock all the editorial/bold/squeeky colour like no other! / Claire

  13. I found an eye shadow that you might want to try because it is so yellow.

    I purchased a few things from that shop and think they look quite amazing.