Friday, 9 November 2012

Ellis Faas Paper Swatches: Eyes

Swatches of the lips and cheeks here, made an embarrassingly long time ago. Since then the Ellis Faas site has become even more awesome-fied with skin swatches and what-not, although I know many of you still find paper swatches the most helpful. So here we go :)

All pictures taken in natural light, no flash.

All the Ellis Faas Eye colours now come with a redesigned, improved click-pen brush applicator (Milky Eyes no longer include the showerhead sponge of doom), which seems to dispense product more reliably with every click, but which still retains a tendency to splay if you're not careful....

Creamy Eyes (£23) are opaque, semi-matte, and apocalypse-proof cream shadows which 'set' very quickly on the skin -- I find them easiest to wear as smudgy liners. The original lineup of 10x shades was very 'human colours' heavy on the sludge, but this autumn a further range of more colourful shades (11x) were added, which retained all the strengths of the original formula.
Ellis Faas creamy eyes eyeshadow swatches E103 E104 E105 E106 E107 E108 E109
E103: a slightly warm, sooty black
E104: a neutral-warm ash yelow brown
E105: a warmer chestnut yellow brown
E106: a lighter neutral brown with peachy pink notes
E107: a mid-toned warm peachy chestnut
E108: light warm apricot-beige
E109: light warm ivory-beige

Ellis Faas creamy eyes eyeshadow swatches E113 E114 E115 E116 E117 E118 E119
E113: inky blue-black with a tinge of teal
E114: rich burgundy
E115: mid-tone greyed lavender
E116: lighter, warmer rose taupe
E117: light-but-not-pastel greyed mint
E118: cloudy seafoam slate
E119: mid-tone ochre

Milky Eyes (£23) are slightly less pigmented than Creamy (but still medium and buildable), more blendable and feature relatively brighter colours in a lighter satin-with-microshimmer finish. Like the Creamy Eyes, these set to a dry, very long-lasting finish but are easier to work with -- Milky Eyes are the most versatile formula for me, working as liner, all-over shades, and accents.
Ellis Faas Milky Eyes eyeshadow swatches E203 E204 E205 E206 E207 E208 E209
E203: dark blurple with navy shimmer
E304: deep jade with tonal shimmer
E205: midtone khaki-brown
E206: midtone warm rusty brown
E207: burnt terracotta
E208: warm coral pink
E209: neutral peachy beige

Eye Lights (£23) are intensely gleaming, metallic liquids which set to a siliconey 'film' rather than the soft powdery finishes of the Creamy and Milky Eyes. If you have dry lids like me, you may also experience flaking and minor fallout from this formula throughout the day -- I have similar issues with the popular sparkle liquid liners from MUFE, Stila etc. These work best used sparingly as a glitter 'topcoat' for me, rather than all over the lid.
Ellis Faas Eye Lights eyeshadow swatches E301 E302 E303 E304 E305
E301: sparkly metallic white gold
E302: metallic chartreuse with lighter lime reflect
E303: foiled metallic copper with softer gold reflect
E304: foiled metallic burgundy-plum duochrome
E305: foiled metallic blood-teal duochrome


  1. these are seriously nice, I haven't bought anything from this brand before but after spending a wee while on their site I don;t think that'll last long.

  2. I've got E104, 105, 107, and 109 and they are lovely. Just today I threw together my eye makeup with 107 in the crease and above, and 109 on the lid. Used my fingers, mostly, and blended a bit with the Hakuhodo K005 brush. So quick, simple, and natural looking.