Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Past Imperfect

This post was inspired by Mary Greenwell's refreshingly relaxed approach (hosted here by Lisa Eldridge) -- passionate ease sounds vaguely seedy, but it's the best my lurgy-fighting brain can come up with right now. Anyway, scroll down (we're going back in time so BYO woo-woo sound effects) for a couple of looks which for various reasons I didn't think turned out polished enough to blog. Which is ridiculous, because this blog has never been about polish or slickness -- in fact, not to get too wanky about it, I like blogging most fundamentally for its unprofessionalism, if not even anti-professionalism. Blah blah etymology of amateur rinse repeat blah.

1. This probably shouldn't have seen the light of day for very good reasons... working from home does strange things to one. Among them Utena hairs (from Wonderland Wigs):
Eyes: Collection [née Collection 2000] Glam Crystals liner in Pow! against neutrals from Chanel Stupendous quad  | Blush: RBR Delicata | Lip: Armani Lip Maestro 503

2. Bérénice Marlohe's budding signature look (see The Non Blonde's post) really appeals to me for the way it plays up her hooded eyes which fold down at the inner corner, just like mine :D It's a great example of anti-corrective makeup. For the current conventional wisdom on how to 'flatter' this eyeshape, Lisa Eldrige has a good video.

This happened during Fyrinnae Week, so I used some of their neutrals to take off this look, which was the cleanest rendition of the shape I could find:

Shinrikou (a cool, pale gold), Sake & Sashimi (a rich neutral brown with green, blue, gold and red shimmer), and Knickers in a Twist (silvery taupe satin base with warmer bronze shimmer).

In mah fabulous bathroom lighting :P

Least colour-accurate but gives best idea of the darkness under the lower lashline:
Mascara: Max Factor False Lash Effect 24Hour |  Blush: RBR Delicata | Lips: balm.

From Before I Chopped My Hairs Off
3. Black and gold, inspired by the gif wot colonised the makeup internets last year:
Ginta Lapina at Jason Wu Fall 2011
I was too lazy to concoct the midnight blue that makes this look so effective so simply used plain black Shiseido Caviar Shimmering Cream Eye Colour and Barry M Dazzle Dust 101 Buff.

Chapped lips and even dodgier pics:
Waterline: GOSH white kohl | Lips: Korres Jasmine Lip Butter

4. Graphic powder, pinspired by this, which is actually quite similar to the Bérénice Marlohe, but more precise and conventional:
ad for Agate Adorned
Eyes: KATE BK-1 gel liner, GOSH white kohl, 
Catrice Hip Hop on the Tree Top and The Noble Knights, no mascara 
Lips: Korres Jasmine Lip Butter

Some wooly victims of this recent spate of pernicious perfectionism....
Remember the cropped cardigan I wasn't happy with? It's now an ex-garment.

And I am currently in the process of cannibalising Peabody v1.0 to make Peabody v2.0 'the version that actually fits!'
As you see, literally knitting off the corpse of the last one. Just finished the entire body again and had the whole of the ribbing section left over, because this is what happens when you skim an 'easy' pattern, accidentally cast on three sizes too big, and wing the rest because you're so clever like that.

Fellow serial-rippers may find this recent TechKnitting post on recycling yarn useful; I can definitely vouch for it.

Finally, a confession: I fell off the dress wagon at a recent Erdem sample sale:

Please redeem me with styling suggestions? So I can commence wearing this with embarrassing frequency thus making it, like, totally free and stuff?

Or make me feel better by sharing your own recent imperfections! :D I know Mary Greenwell's vids have been a hit on makeupalley; have you been inspired, too? Or do you prefer a more studied approach?

Friday, 7 December 2012

Pattern Recognition: Winter Nails

Embarrassing as it was, my last experiment with this kind of collage post was really helpful in motivating me to pare down my collection -- I kept 20 out of the 53 items shown.

So here's a nail polish edition, featuring the three groups I've been gravitating to lately: textured greens, smooth blues and purple-tinged neutrals.

All pictures taken in natural sun/light. Swatches are 2 coats with topcoat unless otherwise noted.
DC = discontinued
LE = limited edition

Textured greens
left to right:
Butter London Trustafarian: pale lemon-sage holo (3 coats)
China Glaze He's Going In Circles: seafoam-mint holo (DC)
Butter London Swinger: multi-tonal glittery chartreuse
Essence Bashful: hunter green cream base with fine gold shimmer (LE)
Smitten Polish I Want It Now: green jelly base with teal, green and black sparkle (3 coats)
China Glaze Emerald Sparkle: deepened green base with...emerald sparkle
A-England St George: subtle rich holo, more pine green than teal
Butter London Jack the Lad: dark bottle green base with gold, turquoise and emerald glitter
Suqqu EX-08 Kujakudama: blackened sage with lighter, warmer green shimmer (DC)

Trustafarian, He's Going in Circles, Swinger, Bashful, I Want it Now, (Emerald Sparkle)
Bashful, I Want It Now, Emerald Sparkle, St George, Jack the Lad, Kujakudama
Jack the Lad

Smooth Blues
left to right:
Kiko 336 Electric Blue: bright, clear electric blue, on the light side of IKB
YSL 18 Bleu Majorelle: a little deeper/more muted than Kiko
OPI Dating a Royal: sheer cobalt jelly (4 coats)
China Glaze Man Hunt: slightly richer and deeper than OPI, cobalt crelly
Kiko 335 Ink Blue: sheer parker-ink blue, looks more blue and less teal with layering (4 coats)
Illamasqua Propaganda: inky blackened blue (3 coats)

Electric Blue, Bleu Majorelle, Dating a Royal, Man Hunt, Ink Blue, Propaganda 
Electric Blue, Bleu Majorelle, Dating a Royal, Man Hunt, Ink Blue, Propaganda 

Purple as a neutral
left to right:
Butter London Muggins: pale grey with lavender tint
OPI Done Out In Deco: lilac cream
Butter London No More Waity, Katie: lavender taupe base with brighter, warmer glitter (3 coats)
[no bottle pic] A-England Guinevere: neutral greyed lavender
Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant: dusty lilac-taupe base with subtle cool blue reflect 
Sephora by OPI Metro Chic: looks ridiculously warm here but it's not, a dirty plummed taupe
Barry M Dusky Mauve: Chanel Paradoxal in a far superior formula :P
Rescue Beauty Lounge Recherché: warm grey-smoked plum

Muggins, Done Out In Deco, NMWK, Guinevere, Insouciant, Metro Chic, Dusky Mauve, Recherché
Muggins, Done Out In Deco, NMWK, Guinevere, Insouciant, Metro Chic, Dusky Mauve, Recherché 

So which would you ditch? :) Any shared favourites? Not sure why my brain would regard this kind of thing as a makeup rut MAYDAY MAYDAY but in nail terms, it's just a pleasant aesthetic wave to ride.

Apologies for not keeping up with posting/replying to comments/bloghopping lately: holidays = mad chaotic rush, always. I aim to post at least once a week for now, but will hopefully be back on a more regular schedule next year.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

More Shu Uemura Prestigious Bordeaux Looks

Yep, still in love with this palette.

The two looks I'm going to show you today both play into the rosy eyeshadow trend which seems to dominate this year's holiday collections (Lisa Eldridge has a great video showcasing Chanel's take here).

1. Harmonious haze i.e. a more organic version of the first look here
Bronze silk smooth (top right) all over lid and lower lashline as a base
Pink (middle left) packed over the centres of lid and lower lashline to bring out the silver sparkle
Gold glitter (bottom left) to blended in from inner corner
[RBR Automatic Eye Pencil Salome, Armani ETK waterproof mascara]

Cheek: Sula Girl Next Door
Lip: Fresh Sugar Rosé
Base: Vapour Atmosphere Luminous Foundation 090 and Illusionist Concealer 000

Flash pic to give a better idea of the textures:

2. A cooler take, incorporating slightly more contrast both tonally and texturally.
Horizontal gradation from pink inner corner, through gold, to purple outer corner, socket blended and darkened with Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Dust Seriema.
Lower lashline surrounds the gold with more of the pink.
[GOSH white kohl, L'Oreal TFLWP mascara]

Cheek and Lip: Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lipstick 24
Base: Shu Uemura Tsuya UnderBase Mousse, Vapour Illusionist Concealer 000