Thursday, 17 January 2013


I.e. a swatch round-up of all my Suqqu grey shades, very belated considering that my introduction to the brand (now one of my makeup staples) was and remains my favourite grey eyeshadow palette: Blend Eyeshadow Quad in 09 Koju, released for the Spring 2009 Sakurakage collection and discontinued c. 2010.
picture taken with flash to capture some of the nuances

I've swatched the top right (warm light grey satin) and bottom left (warm sooty matte base with very sparse tonal microshimmer) shades from Koju today, along with *ahem* several of the other Suqqu grey shadows I seem to have acquired since then....

Which now live cosily in a large Z-palette (no-fire depotting process here). Core quads 01-05 and 06-08 run across the top half, and along the bottom are EX-05 Usumomokurumi quad (limited edition Christmas 2011), EX-02 Mizumomo blush duo (LE autumn 2012), the darker side of 01 Momozoe blush duo, and EX-22 Nibidama (a long-discontinued relic from before 2010 when Suqqu used to make single eyeshadows and blushes).
Numbered shades are swatched.

natural light, one swipe with sponge applicators
1. neutral sage grey from 02 Kokedama
2. silver from 04 Keshizumi
3. taupe from 04 Keshizumi [looks much warmer in contrast to the others here]
4. cool grey from 06 Ginbudou
5. EX-22 Nibidama, a cooler silver-mauve taupe
6. iridescent gunmetal from EX-05 Usumomokurumi
7. light grey from 09 Koju
8. charcoal from 09 Koju

with flash, to pick up more textural nuance
fuzzy flash


  1. Koju is beautiful! <3 I just got it as part of a lot of old suqqu quads. and mmm all these moody greyyyyys <3

  2. Each grey is so lovely, but all together they are something else! Thanks for these pictures. I am off to drool in the corner now.

  3. I burn, I pine, I perish. I think I'm going through a grey/taupe thing atm, too.--charmy

  4. Discontinued, wahhhh!

  5. This is just WAY too much Suqqu amazingness for my brain to handle!! *sigh* and to think, you own all these lovelies and I have yet to acquire even one thing from the brand :(

  6. So very pretty! I never thought Kokedama as having a gray shade, but you are right, it does lean gray. Keshizumi is my most often used palette; hope Suqqu releases a palette like Koju again. Thanks for swatching! BTW, will you be reviewing the spring releases? From the promo photos, it seems they are all shimmer. :(

  7. Wow you have lots of Suqqu palette :) So exciting! Suqqu colors have very nice finish, not too shimmery but so brightening..

  8. Suqqu makes wonderful greys!!! Can't believe that I neglected Suqqu for so long. My newest palette is from the Sakurakage collection haha. I must beg upon my UK based friend for a Suqqu CP one of these days.