Monday, 25 February 2013

Field Swatches and Reviewlet: By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge

As you may remember, By Terry's Rouge Terrybly ranks high among my favourite lipsticks. So I was very excited to try their new Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge line for spring -- sheer, moisturising tinted "hydra-balms" -- retailing at £24 for 3g.

Unfortunately, these proved to be a severe disappointment.
The copy promises:
A hyaluronic acid melt-in lipstick balm that moisturizes, fills in wrinkles and fine lines, boots volume, smoothes and protects the lips in a “plumping glossy” colored veil.

What I got (over three shades on three separate days of testing):
Absolutely no textural improvement in smoothing or plumping and a very minimal moisturising effect that wore off after an hour, leaving lips crying out for (a real) balm.
These are also the sheerest sheers I've ever tried -- we're talking less pigment than Fresh balms -- and requires layering to show up at all, let alone true to tube. Which becomes even more unfortunate when you factor in the very high-slip texture, which makes even a light layer prone to migrate, and which makes layering at all an unappealing proposition, as the shades get cloudier, patchier, and more gloopy-slippery with each additional coat.
Erm...I have no complaints about the packaging (slim silver twist-up tube) or the scent (very, very faint tearose)? I like the absence of shimmer?

FIVE swipes each, with one swipe swatches of 1 and 10 at the end of the second row. My arm is about N5, for extrapolation purposes :P
By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge lipstick swatches 1 Nudissimo 2 Mango Tango 3 Baby Bloom 4 Princess in Rose 5 Dragon Pink 6 Party Girl 7 Bang Bang 8 Hot Spot 9 Dare to Bare 10 Berry Boom
the patchiness of pigment-distribution is especially clear in the bolder shades 5-10 
By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge lipstick swatches 1 Nudissimo 2 Mango Tango 3 Baby Bloom 4 Princess in Rose 5 Dragon Pink 6 Party Girl 7 Bang Bang 8 Hot Spot 9 Dare to Bare 10 Berry Boom

1 Nudissimo
2 Mango Tango
3 Baby Bloom
4 Princess in Rose
5 Dragon Pink
6 Party Girl
7 Bang Bang
8 Hot Spot
9 Dare to Bare
10 Berry Boom

A closer look at one layer of 1 Nudissimo and 10 Berry Boom -- doing nada for the skin texture on my inner wrist, which is a lot less gnarly than that of my lips

As always, your mileage may vary, but these had been garnering such positive reviews online that I was extra surprised/disappointed upon testing them; definitely a Try Before You Buy. I'd also strongly advise those living in a warm climate to check your local testers carefully -- these seem prone to melting/liquefying messily in a bag/car.

For a dissenting rave review, check out Lola's Secret Beauty Blog, which also includes product pics and an ingredients list [which, btw, shows how low down hyaluronic acid sits :P In contrast to the standard waxes and cones, and the dessicant silica -- not uncommon for By Terry 'Hyaluronic' products in my expereience, especially their god-awful, extremely drying Hyaluronic Hydra-Powder.]


  1. oh dear, I have just come from Lola's blog funnily enough, interesting to read such different takes, how do you find they compared to Chanel coco shines?

    1. Leaving aside the fact that Coco Shines make my lips peel in sheets D: I find these a bit more balmy in feel and less liquid, also much sheerer.

    2. I see so not a RCS lover then ;) I think I might have to play it safe and just order one x

  2. Oh, this is so sad to hear because the promo pictures look amazing.And yeah about that ingredient list, it's a bit of a pet peeve of mine when brands do things like this, it's so deceiving! Thanks for sharing your view on it Kate!

    1. exactly! lol It makes me a little bit angry >.< Like being lied to through song!

  3. Aww wow this sounds drastic! I'm so sorry to hear they really don't seem to work for you at all! I haven't tried anything from By Terry yet, and this is probably not where I'll start!

  4. Huh, dare I say the Tom Ford sheers are more impressive looking and feeling-looking? Although I do like the looks of the brighter, darker colors in the By Terry. Mebbe I will take another stroll and try one on.

  5. Thank you for killing this before I even had time to lem. :D

  6. *Applause*
    Negative reviews ROCK!

  7. They looked pretty as well.. oh well :P They were out of my price range anyway.

    You have no idea how much I crave lollipops now.

  8. Hi Kate!! Thanks for the link love! I'm so sorry to hear that these fell flat for you!!!!!!!!!! So far, I'm really loving them- but I will definitely post an in-depth review of the one that I purchased after I have used it over a longer period of time. <3

  9. I knew it!! Thanks for the review, lemming squashed. I think the only reason I kept the Rouge Coco Shine is because I love the color so much and can't find a dupe in any other brand/formulation that I prefer. WIth these being so sheer, I'm sure I can pass. Now.. if I can just find a con review of Tom Ford sheers, I'd be a happy camper.

    P.S. I never trust the marketing "hyaluronic" or "flower essence" whatevertheycallit in the product, I much rather read the ingredient list... cosmetic companies should have known better that most of consumers right now can read ingredients.

  10. your honesty is highly needed...Not everything that glitters/sparkles/has-fancy-niche-names is gold...

  11. I know you like Suqqu, and these seem to be similar in concept to the Creamy Glow Moist. I have very flaky lips, and was wondering how you would compare the By Terry and Suqqu, and whether Suqqu is moisturising enough on its own?

  12. I happen to love these lip colors. I find them to be much more pigmented and longer-wearing than Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine lineup. I have Party Girl, Dare to Bare, and the recently-acquired Princess in Rose. I never thought I could do a mod pink lip, but the Barney's MUA encouraged me to try it and it was love at first swipe! You do need to have your lips in good condition to wear these, as flakes and ridges will show up but only a little bit. I use a lip scrub (the one by Bliss) first, but I skip the lip balm as these are balmy enough.