Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ford Farewell I: Tom Ford True Coral lipstick

Among my presents under the tree last Christmas was this selection of bits from Tom Ford, courtesy of a friend who'd noticed the absence of this brand in my stash the last time she'd come round to play Makeovers(!one!!eleventy!)
Tom Ford Cognac Sable quad, Narcissist blush and True Coral lipstick
And *spoiler alert* they pretty much confirmed my feelings of "meh" towards this line. Since my earlier forays into and farewells to Tom Ford makeup (three other quads, a blush and two lipsticks) predate this whole blogging thing, I thought I'd review these new "outs" as they go. First up: Lip Colour in True Coral.
bit washed out here -- it's really as bright as in the first picture, above
I wasn't a fan of the original Tom Ford lipstick formula, but the new line (of which this is a core shade) sacrificed a little pigment for a much smoother texture, which seemed promising. Sadly, the MAC-like vanilla scent remains. Pigmentation is still on the good side -- not quite full-coverage, but definitely above average -- and the finish is that kind of close-to-lips satin which means good wear-time and even fading.

Unfortunately, being freakishly dry-lipped, long-wearing formulas tend to sink into and highlight every single one of my vertical lip lines. And this is no exception. Freshly applied over lips in tip-top condition (no flakes or chapped areas, freshly exfoliated and prepped with lip balm), True Coral just about passes muster:
Tom Ford True Coral lipstick swatch

However, the desiccation process begins immediately and is visible a bare five minutes later, even at a more normal distance -- check out those crevasses:
Shiseido Jungle trio, Illamasqua Rude cream blush

Looks aside, this lipstick also makes my lips feel dry and after a day's wear, even with regular top-ups of lipbalm, leaves them in slightly worse condition. I seem to be alone (or in a tiny minority) in the blogosphere in experiencing this drying effect, but makeup can just be tricksy like that. Ingredients list for the curious:
Tom Ford lipstick ingredients

The one aspect of True Coral I love unreservedly is, of course, the colour; my Santa knows me well. This also means that parting with it was not such sweet sorrow, as I had these to keep me company....
Tom Ford true coral lipstick swatches Guerlain Rouge G L'Extrait Colere, Revlon Strawberry Suede, Lancome Corset, Chanel Rouge Allure Genial, Hourglass Femme Rouge Muse
Guerlain Rouge G L'Extrait Colère (review/swatch -- note how this matte is more flattering on my lip texture than Tom Ford's satin)
Revlon Strawberry Suede (discontinued)
Lancôme Colour Design Matte Corset
Tom Ford True Coral
Chanel Rouge Allure Génial (discontinued -- see how pink it looks against the others here)
Hourglass Femme Rouge Muse

Tom Ford Lipsticks retail for £36 each in the UK.


  1. Yes dahling. My SO's mother bought me a tom ford lip pie, one of the nice red ones, but it's incredibly drying on me. It's such a pretty thing though lol. It wears terribly (I have the same dry lips as you). For me the best matte textures come from Illamasqua, they go on smoothly and dry out matte, and they remain well pigmented and fade really well. i'm sure you know this lol. but they make my lips feel less dry than the tom ford lippie i have and yet it has the matte appearance i like in lipstick. :)

  2. I love this on you. Sorry to hear it's drying. Some super pigmented lipsticks do that to me too. It does look beautiful on you!

  3. Gah! That color is gorgeous! I agree with the drying. Black Orchid makes me feel like my lips are falling off my face. I have a lighter colored one which seems less drying.

  4. Aww when I read about the freakishly dry-lipped part, I thought I'd ask if you've ever tried any Hourglass Femme Rouges. They're about the most moisturizing lipsticks I've tried (but then I saw Muse so you have. I hope the formula works better for you)!

    I only own one Tom Ford lipstick so far (Diabolique), and it's my power red! My lips are mostly normal if I take good care of them at night, and the formula works well on me. I've always been curious about True Coral. I should swatch it to see if it feels similar.

  5. The color is beautiful. Too bad its too drying!

    Will you be reviewing the blush as well? I was actually going to purchase it this week in that color, having read and heard so much about Ford blushes. Would be very interested in your thoughts!

  6. AGH. I just bought one D: Sad to hear that it's not as great as most people make it out to be! The color is very pretty on you, though.

  7. Argh! Lip crevasses are dangerous!! And if TF lippies are drying to you, I'd like to hear other lippies that you like (aka more moisturizing than this one). I passed the TF counter so many times, I managed to only get one lipstick and one palette -- glad to hear your honest assessment on the line.

    P.S. Colere is stunning! Now I have to check that out.

  8. Aaaw, so sad to hear that they don't work for you. I only have one TF lippie and it's in a matte formula but it works fine on me. I really love the shade on you tho! Oh well I guess that's money saved on your side ;).

  9. Oh no--I am so bummed FOR you that this didn't work out! :P That color on you is just glorious! :/

  10. *smooches lip sister* We have the same love for warm coral-y pink-red lippies! Your post makes me glad I never indulged in TF$ lipstuff; that vanilla smell is a jarring juxtaposition with the pricepoint.

  11. Nooo, that's so upsetting! The colour is amazing on you though! Have you tried a lip primer? I've never actually used one, but maybe that would solve the lip line problem? I usually just go for a thick layer of Nuxe Reve de Miel, but I do think MAC makes a proper lip base.

  12. The very same experience here! I really liked the colour, of course True Coral, why do you think I read you religiously :) Even though the same happened before when I fell for Pure Pink, I thought that the new formula may miraculously work but it isn't the case. Now, they are sitting on the corner and I sometimes open them and check their glorious colours and reach for Colere and Genial. Same is true for Dior Diorific Diorling (what a name for a bummer like that!)
    I hope you liked the blusher better though, because I did, just a tad better.

  13. Considering the price point, I don't think one should be interested if not for the packaging, but the Chinese market is too obsessed with the brand now.

    For the purpose of moisturizing, would you recommend 3 lines from various brands that tops the market (excluding Guerlain Rouge G please).

  14. Black Orchid is the only TF I have, and I can wear it, but only when I'm within a quick dash of everything I need to correct a lipstick emergency. The color is glorious, though.

  15. feeling *meh* about Tom Ford too and if it looks slightly dry on a perfect pout as yours, I wonder how desert-like it would look on mine. Curious about Guerlain Rouge G L'Extrait Colère now, especially that undainty name...

  16. I really admire your ruthless purging of less-than-stellar items, regardless of the luxurious trappings. I have several $TF lipsticks (some from the previous white-cased iteration and some from the new), and I can only apply them once or twice max per day. They're just too drying and unforgiving (although I appreciate the opaque coverage of some of them). Still they sit in my drawer, mostly unloved...

  17. My eye went immediately at Colere, such a gorgeous colour. Too bad about the Tom Ford, at that price point it really shouldn't be drying on the lips.

  18. Hi Kate,
    I have the same problem with you, mine is in fact worse? Because I have naturally pigmented mauvey lips, so all non-matte lip colours look pinky on me.
    Can you please share your fave lips formulas (other than matte) and brands? Just purchased two Chanel Rouge Allure - Pimpante and Discreet, I hope they work on me!