Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ford Farewell II: Tom Ford Narcissist Blush

Following on from Part I, another beautiful shade from Tom Ford which failed to win my texturally persnickity heart: Narcissist blush.
Narcissist is a highly pigmented cool-toned hot pink (oh, you know what I mean), with a tightly-packed texture and smooth frost finish. The softness and high fine shimmer content means that it's very easy to overload a brush -- even with the lightest tap of a fluffy brush, a lot of frantic dabbing into clean tissue might be needed before application to cheek -- and also that even the softest squirrel brushes tend to kick up quite a bit of powder...enough that I would end up with shimmery pink elbows after resting my arm on my vanity to finish an eyeliner flick.

Swatch, applied with Suqqu Cheek brush (left) and sponge applicator (right)
Tom Ford Narcissist blush swatch
as always, bare arm / natural light

As mentioned in a previous review, my skin tends to show textures and colours true, and shimmer is usually highly unforgiving on the especially dry, thin skin on my cheeks. In the swatch above, you can see the dry 'skipping' at the edge of the heavy swatch and every pore highlighted in the sheer one, even on my relatively smooth inner arm.

As further illustration, here's Narcissist swatched between Sleek Pink Ice (left, from the Pink Sprint trio) and Suqqu EX-02 Mizumomo (right, deeper pan only).
Tom Ford Narcissist blush swatch Sleek PInk Ice Suqqu EX 02 Mizumomo
All three blushes were applied very lightly and blended out with an Illamasqua Highlighter Brush (ahem, holy grail cream blush brush, two backups are totally reasonable, shush). Sleek Pink Ice (£10 for trio) is a matte, and despite its unprepossessingly dry texture, it like all Sleek blushes is so pigmented that a tiny dab deposits even pigment without worsening the appearance of my skin, if not improving it. Suqqu Mizumomo (£38 for duo, LE), despite being a satin (with almost as much sheen in the pan as Narcissist) actively blurs and flatters any bumpy skin, even when swatched along the tricky veiny/bony bit of my wrist. Narcissist, much like the equally popular Chanel Notorious, makes visible a bazillionty bumps I didn't even know were there. Lurking.

On my cheeks, in real aint pretty. Even my blush-eating camera can pick up on the bumpiness, translating it as blotchiness (and I swear I blended properly), which makes Narcissist exactly the kind of cool pink rash I get from a mild rosacea flare, for free.
Tom Ford Cognac Sable quad, Wet'n'Wild Cherry Bomb lipstick

Yeah, it's out.
But neatly, it's yet another colour family I'm fairly well equipped to comp-swatch ;)
Tom Ford Narcissist blush swatch Sleek Pink Ice Suqqu EX02 Mizumomo Becca Lychee beach tint Addiction Amazing cheek stick
Sleek Pink Ice (from Pink Sprint trio) -- the most pigmented, and coolest of the bunch
Suqqu EX-02 Mizumomo (right pan only) -- cooler than TF, without its warmer shimmer
Tom Ford Narcissist
Becca Lychee Beach Tint -- more candied, lighter
Addiction Amazing Cheek Stick -- tonally closest to Suqqu, but it's a totally different texture, yeah? And doubles as a matte lipstick *hoards*


  1. Kate I have a question, how do you look literally fabulous in every single picture you take? Seriously! Haha, you're so gorgeous, I think this blush actually looks amazing on you! Too bright for me, but perfect for you!! <3

  2. Oh gosh, so heartbreaking to read this! I actually think it looks great on you but yeah a picture says just so much. I adore cherry bomb on you btw, sexy! ;)

  3. Good to know! Glad you're killing my interest in this line, as they've entered the Japan market with even more ridiculous than normal pricing.

  4. I can really see the difference in your hand swatch between the Suqqu and the TF texture. I do love some of the TF lipsticks but yeah, the rest of the line - I bought one blush/eyeshadow quad and I haven't been tempted to go back for more. The continuing 'I am the ONLY one, EVER, to do makeup PROPERLY' vibe is a bit off-putting too.

  5. When I saw you post this picture on MUA I thought to myself that the one on the wrist looked like the best texture, but I was on my way out to lunch and didn't get to tell you what I thought about the visual textural difference. The Suqqu in my opinion is the most beautiful.

  6. I can see the color looks much nicer in the pan than in the skin...I got a chance to swatch tom ford lipsticks ( it's the only thing that they sell in Spain), I was tempted to buy one but at the end they were too expensive for a lipstick : ) I would love to try de Adiction cheek stick!

  7. Aww so sorry to hear that :( I know that while most go NUTS about TF blushes, some have said they aren't so impressive. In any case I have no access to them here for the moment, so I'll wait till I can at least swatch some to make up my mind!

    PS: I loooove Cherry Bomb on you!

  8. AHA so I the blush I thought looked the best was the Suqqu blush? Interesting :)

  9. Wow, if even you (the queen of diffusing bright pink blushes) had problems with the pigmentation of this one, I can't even imagine the trouble I would have (being in possession of a lead-elbow SUCKS!). That's too bad this one didn't work for you. I still think it looks good on your face but I suppose up close in the swatches, I could see the difference between the appearance of the skin under the 3 shades :/

  10. slightly ironic for Ford to name a blush like that, and perhaps that's why it's a dud and I cannot believe either women fall for the hype or have Ford-perfect skin as canvasses...Knowing and seeing your perfect skin and his products still failing makes me feel less guilty about my imperfect one, knowing it's not the best on the market either.
    Anyway, I'm curious of how you rate sister-colour Burberry Hydrangea pink

  11. Ohhhhh hello Suqqu blush! And I back up my brushes too ;-)

  12. Why, hellooo Sleek and Becca Lychee!! Nice job blending in spite of the free rashy bumps that resulted from that -- this is why most of my pigmented/deep blushes are cream, I can no longer do good job blending w/ brushes on my dry skin.

  13. I get such an education from your blog! I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference much less describe it among these blushes. But once you pointed it out, I realized the subtle difference that translates to pretty vs not so pretty. Brilliant!

  14. I totally missed the part where you cut your hair! Short hair is so gorgeous on you - shows off your stunning bone structure!!