Thursday, 7 February 2013

Givenchy Le Rouge Swatches and 201 Rose Taffetas Comparison

I haven't explored Givenchy much -- the powder products tend to be too dry or crumbly for me, while the lip products wafted such a strong, sickly cough-syrupy scent that it drove all bloggy duties to try ALL the things clean out of my head....
But! They have just launched a new, pigmented, modern demi-matte lipstick formula with a sweet floral scent and a sexy-as-all-get-out black nubbly leather-trimmed bullet. I went, I swatched, I totally came home with one.

Swatches -- one swipe onto bare arm
in weak London winter sun
overcast -- this gives a truer idea of the colour saturation
[I apologise for the goose pimples -- it was below 0 that day and seriously windy.]
For product pics and swatches on a different skintone, see Mostly Sunny.

These lipsticks are extremely smooth and hug the lips in a flattering way, filling in lip lines without that slightly plasticky 'hi, I'm a plumping product' look. For me, they are most similar to the By Terry Rouge Terrybly formula in their satin-matte finishlightweight feel, high pigmentation and slip (silky rather than creamy), and boast impressive lasting power (pristine for at least 6 hours, through drinks, fading to an even stain after a greedy meal). On my extremely dry lips, they do require balm underneath, but I would call them neutral rather than positively drying.


201 Rose Taffetas
I was on the hunt for a warm pink to replace my go-to My Lips But Better lipstick, the long-discontinued Chanel Rouge Allure Darling. Which currently looks like this and therefore will imminently count as "one out":

One in...
....yeah, I may not depot this right away. *strokes packaging*  

With some more of my mid-toned warm pinky things: 
Guerlain Rouge Automatique Chamade
Suqqu Noble Nuance lipstick EX-03 Shumomo (LE Spring 2010)
Chanel Rouge Allure Darling (discontinued)
Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Confidence

One swipe swatches to show different opacities

Built up swatches (2 layers)

Chamade has the strongest rosy-red tones and is noticeably in a different family once on my lips. The other four shades are definitely kissing cousins, though in my defence they look more distinct from each other on my lips than on my arm. Shumomo sits at lighter end, with clear yellow tones [perfect for enlivening my naturally corpse-mauve lips]; Darling and Confidence add a deeper rose and slight brown tones to the mix. Rose Taffetas is balanced between and clearly the most opaque; its demi-matte finish proves surprisingly flattering -- dare I say, 'fresh' and/or 'modern' -- in this kind of tone.

Shamelessly reposting two recent looks:
Givenchy Rose Taffetas

Pretty decent as a replacement for Chanel Darling, I think?

Givenchy "Le Rouge" retail for £24 each and are a permanent addition to the core line.


  1. Oh my God this one looks SO good on you!!! I LOVE it! This line has SO many colors I want, and the formula works well on me. Very dangerous!

    Thanks for linking me Kate!

  2. This type of color is really lovely on you!

  3. I still haven't found MLBB shade, where I would say 'wow, this is it' but am instantly lemming some shades from this line. I have nothing against reposting *stalks beautiful face* ... I really like the last picture and can't believe how long your lashes are! / Claire

  4. That is a spectacularly flattering rose on you. That plus that sexy leather: SOLD.

  5. This is a pink that I really adore. I have Chamade but it looks slightly warmer and a bit darker on me I think, but there are so many colours in this line that I love! Thanks a lot for the great swatches!

  6. I think I need to dig out my warm pinks because of you - somehow they get forgotten in my lipstick drawer!

  7. where did you get that little box that you stored your lipstick in? that's a great invention!

  8. This is really pretty! The texture looks great on your lips.

  9. Really lovely color on you, and the formula sounds like a winner. Chamade looked so blah on me, but Confidence is definitely a MLBB. I wonder if Rose Taffetas would work? My lips are also mauve, but darker than yours...

  10. Love you with coloured looked fresher and colour popped on you better :))

  11. Loved the colors! The 306 is amazing.