Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Weekend Reads

With Valentine'sDay fast approaching, Visionary Beauty finds that the new Illusion d'Ombres from this years Chanel Notes de Printemps collection were meant for each other.

Want to know how to make your nails look good in a picture? Find out the secret in polish insomniac's Ten Best Nail Tools!

This season is filled with surprises for Mostly Sunny. When she first saw and swatched YSL Pivoine Crush Palette, she thought it was impossible to work with. After some experiments however, she developed a huge crush!

Pink Sith is on a Radiant Orchid frenzy and the Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick in Swinger just ads fuel to the fire!

Win It!!! Did you know that January was National Oatmeal Month? You can still celebrate by entering Pammy Blogs Beauty's Giveaway for Aveeno's Oatmeal-Based Daily Moisturizer!!!

Marcia from Beauty Info Zone is so crazy about her I Love Nail Polish manicure in Molly that she can't stop seeing Radiant Orchid in it. Did she find the Pantone color of the year or not?

Dull winter skin in need of boost? Then Lola's Secret Beauty Blog suggests trying Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask. because it is will give your skin the magical boost it needs!

Carrie from eyeliner on a cat has found a brand new flame with Rive Sud Interior candles...

To celebrate the year of the horse, gallop over to drivel about frivol for the red and gold YSL beauties Kate’s giving away! And may the odds be ever in your favour! ….er… that’s totally an ancient Chinese New Year greeting. Honest…

15 Minute Beauty has found her favorite new neutral palette, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar!

Perilously Pale has swatched some Nicole by OPI polishes that are making her wish that winter would fade away quickly.

Visit Prime Beauty and drool over Tartes's spring 2014 cheek stains and LipSurgence lip stains. You'll have trouble choosing your favorites.


  1. Hello Kate! This is just an update about the yellow looking blusher from Jill Stuart's S2014 collection! I finally received it after arguing endlessly with Canada Post about my package that was supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago. I popped it on my cheeks today and it turns out to be a apricoty reddish shade with quite some luminous quality! It's definitely not frosty, the yellow shade has some pearl in it but when you blend it on with the included brush it just turns into the prettiest highlight! I don't know if you're into that kind of stuff but this blusher seems to be on the overall warm side (not your kinda stuff) in a reddish blusher way (totally your type of stuff). I wouldn't describe it as a tomato red though, AT ALL. Maybe it's because my skin displays a much stronger warm undertone than yours, on me it just looks like a lot of blood flowing through my capillaries--in a good way. I mixed all the shades together to get this effect, but since there's a few shades (3 warm, 1 cool) you can mix it up to get what you want. I wonder what has happened to all the other JS items you talked about on your blog about a thousand years ago? Your JS blush post was the one to introduce me to my first blusher from them! (I chose one of the ones you liked the most, Petit Bouquet, but it was soon discontinued after I bought it so I used it about 3 times before putting it in my precious MU drawer) I started hauling Mix Blush Compacts and never even looked at the Blush Blossoms until now...I have almost all their blushers...OMG

    1. Thanks so much, doll! I actually am looking for a warm yellow-orange apricotty blush at the moment so went to swatch this one but it proved a bit too shimmery :( The sparkly yellow reads very strong on my skin, unsurprisingly -- I can't wear popular highlighters like MAC Pearl CCB or Mary Lou-manizer either.
      JS replaced most of the mix compact line with sheerer, more shimmery Layer Blush compacts a few years ago much to my dismay! :(

    2. Yeah I know what they was only last year too! For the spring collection. Eh, they kept enough shades to make me happy :) plus the compacts are even prettier now :) It sucks that the yellow is too strong on you, don't you have some JS old blushers left? I have so many of them I think I'll never be able to finish it, but I'm still looking for the travel exclusive one called Musing Pansy which came out recently. Got any ideas where to look?