Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Face: Old & New

Just a quickie, inspired by a recent makeupalley 'neglected palettes' challenge. Though lately the combination of spring allergies and insane workload has meant that pretty much all my eyeshadows fall into the neglected category... much like this blog. Hmm :/

Anyway, here's a half-assed look and post :D

i.e. I grabbed some Shu Uemura pans from my long-discontinued 36-pan boutique palette (seriously, new Shu, it's been years since the Colour Atelier line launched, and you're still only offering refillable quads?!), threw in a discontinued second-gen Shu blush in P Red 14 (one of the few powder blushes I've kept, for sentimental reasons, though also because it's just so silky), and completed the look by cheating with a new acquisition, the gorgeous Surratt Lipslique in Rubis, a gift from the wonderful bellyhead, who has the full range swatched.
ME 126 and ME 786 are both from the Colour Atelier line, and currently available. The others are all discontinued: P 610 a first-gen turquoise veil, ME 471 a second-gen complex silvered-olive metallic [the current ME 471 is slightly drier and sheerer but tonally v. close] and platonic unicorn taupe ME Silver 945. Perfect. Undupeable. Trust me -- this is my fifth and final pan, and it's still the shadow against which I swatch all taupes.

P610 washed roughly all over lid up through sockets and under eyes. ME 786 patted over lid, blended out with ME 126 through socket; more ME 126 layered heavily over ME 786 as a base, blended up from the inner corner -- more colour accent than highlight. ME 945 used dry (!) to line, extended slightly straight out. On the lower lashline, ME 471 to line lower lashline, thinning towards the inner corner. Brainless, because I simply followed the natural contours of my sockets/eyelids/lashlines.

Also brainless: blush on cheeks, lipslique on lips.

Other products: Max Factor Clump Defy water-resistant mascara (nice but not spectacular), Suqqu brow powder 02 (dc), Shu Uemura Whitefficient UV Underbase Mousse Pink/Purple set with Paul&Joe Face Powder S (bird balls) as base.


  1. I like this colour combination very much! The "ME126" eyeshadow looks especially pretty:D

  2. Love this - I would never think of combining all those colours!

    Question though - do you work in an office? I find all my non-neutrals neglected since I started office working. Although strangely I find a semi bright lip more acceptable in London than Ireland!

  3. You do layered hazy eyeshadow so well! I love this, and these colors work so well on you (something I was confused at when seeing the product pic before scrolling down :)

  4. Please teach me your make-up skills!
    Your looks are such an inspiration, especially the placement of your eye shadows!
    Looking so lovely as always <3

  5. Totally amazing! I love the lower lashline - glinty, beautiful. You inspire me to do more with lower lashline makeup :)

  6. All those colors look absolutely beautiful and spring-inspired; at least to my eyes :) I love the shade of that blush too! Man, I still can't get over how good you are at using up make-up stuffs. Teach me your ways, oh mighty master make-up finisher!

  7. I love this neglected movement! I should probably take a peek at Makeup board at MUA (I hang out at Family board most of the time now) and see what you guys are up to.
    Btw, how do you like the lipslique formula? Surratt is a strong replacement contender for my lipstick wardrobe.

  8. Damn woman! Your half-assed look bests all of my attempts at makeuped face put together. Purple and bright lips are simply perfect on you! That Surratt looks stunning! And your skin! HABA and Dr. Wu should be paying you to be their spokesperson! What are you're thoughts on the Shu mousse bases? I hated it when it first came out, then recently gave it another go, and still not liking it, still looking for ways to make it work for my humidity-fearing combi-skin.

  9. You look perfectly stunning, Kate! Absolutely beautiful, as always :D Love the combination of the purpley tones and red together.

  10. If I'd only honed my full-assed-ness makeuping into your half-assed attempt I'd be a pretty picture for sure...Without kidding, sometimes not overthinking makeup can totally work out

  11. Face!!! Your half assed effort generated beautiful results, so I wonder what your full assed effort does. Hahaha! I just don't give an ass at the moment, hence neglected everything >_<

  12. Waiiiit a minute... this is your half-assed look?
    *prepares to flip table repeatedly*
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Seriously, now I need to pick up stupid Rubis for myself.

  13. Ruuuubiiiissss. I've been thinking about buying this since Belly posted, and now it's just inevitable :D
    You put all of us other half-assers to shame!

  14. Rubis will be out of stock soon :P